Spring is here....?

I made the journey to see my dad and sister again this weekend, I say again because I was there the weekend before this as well. It was my sister's final dance performance of the year and I knew if I wasn't there not only would I regret not having gone, but she would have wished I were there. It was a great performance! She is so much fun to watch, concentrating on getting the choreography right, the moment when she spotted us in the crowd and the big smile appeared across her face. Of course I did not bring my camera, so all of the pictures and video are on my dad's computer.

Even though it snowed on us while I was "up north" I decided it was time to unpack my spring clothes and put away the big bulk sweaters. As I folded and hung the clothes to put in my closet I suddenly realized that all of the cute spring/summer items I was unpacking... were probably not going to fit me this year. There are a few dresses that will work and the tops can be used for a while too, but for the most part- these things were simply going to be taking up space in there. I hung them anyway. All the books say that being nearly 15 weeks (officially 15 tomorrow) I will gain, on average, about a pound a week. At that rate I'll out grow most of those things quickly. Kevin noticed last night, that my stomach is starting to feel harder too.

Maybe soon I will start to look a little more like I'm pregnant as apparently to the rest of the world I don't yet. I was asked the question this weekend, "Can I see the bump?" I thought to myself...well I don't know can you? :) I moved my sweater out of the way to reveal my stomach which was covered by a tight navy blue tank. The response I got was- "You're not showing yet!" Soon.

For now I am still getting into my pre-pregnant pants with, as of this morning, the help of my Bella Band. I'll admit that it's not the most attractive thing in the world... see the picture to judge for yourself, but it is making me much more comfortable.


Just Jules said…
I think I need one of those after four kids :)

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