Thump, thump, thump

Yesterday I got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was racing along at 165 beats per minute. Not much else happened at this appointment and I hear that is how it will be until much later in the summer. The doctor did offer a few optional tests which Kevin and I have dedided to forego.

Two topics that seem to be talked about more and more lately are:

1. If we have any names picked out.

2. People trying to touch my stomach and being surprised there's not a bump there.

So to answer the name question: no we don't have names picked out. Suggestions welcomed. ;)

To answer the bump question: I don't touch your stomach, so unless you ask, please don't touch mine. Really though, there's nothing to feel yet. :) Baby is the size of a plum.
Here's an article all about it... it's meant to be light hearted.

Unwanted Belly Touching: It's My Belly - Not Public Property!

You're so excited! You're pregnant and just beginning to show! You can't wait to show off your little bulge, but no one said anything about being accosted on the street by people you've never met! Unwanted belly-touching is one of the biggest complaints from pregnant women. They eagerly await the time until they show, only to constantly be dodging the hands of well-meaning, but intrusive well-wishers. How does one handle this? Short of just grinning and bearing it, knowing that you'll not have to put up with it much longer, here are a few tips:

  1. Move out of reach.
    You know what they say about a moving target! When their hand starts moving towards your belly, put evasive maneuvers into play and simply move away. Only someone seriously dense or completely oblivious won't get the hint that you do not want to be touched.
  2. Make an excuse to skedaddle.
    Use whatever excuse comes to mind to beat a hasty waddle away from the approaching hand. You left the water running at home, the copier sounds like it's jammed and needs your expertise, whatever the excuse. The goal is to get you away from the offender as quickly as possible. If this happens often enough with someone you know, they'll probably get the hint and back off permanently.
  3. Give as good as you get.
    If someone just walks up to you and touches your belly - then the gloves are off. Feel free to touch back! It's clear they've forgotten personal space boundaries and may just need a refresher. I guarantee they'll remember the incident the next time they think to touch you or another person again, and will probably not bother.
  4. Lay it on the line.
    Granted you may have to say it several times each day, but if you're not the shy type lay it out clearly. Tell people that you don't like having your belly touched, but you appreciate their well wishes for the baby.
  5. Make "defense" your motto.
    Making blocking proffered hands into a game and keep score! Simply block the hand as though it belongs to a shopper reaching for the last pair of designer shoes on sale in your size, or reach for the hand and shake it or hold it. Either way, the message will be clear - please, do not touch.

A pregnant belly does not have a bulls-eye on it, contrary to popular belief. If you don't want to be touched there's no reason why you should be subjected to it. Stand your ground and put an end to the touchy-feelies.


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