Starting to feel like a Bloomin' Onion

17 weeks! Whew! It's going so quickly.

Today we sent our registration for parenting and birthing classes at the hospital where the baby will be born. There's only one spot left for the class we want, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that we get in. I think it will be very interesting to see what they teach and talk about during these classes. I just feel like I can't possibly learn enough about everything going on.

Here's an update on baby's growth:

Five inches long and more than three and a half ounces...about the size of an onion. The baby can now even hear what's going! Loud noises like a dog barking, doorbell ringing will actually startle the baby. The babies are are getting strong enough to perceive some light and the baby is busy learning to suck on swallow. Within a week or so the pads on the baby's fingertips and toes will develop fingerprints.
I've also read that my appetite is sure to increase these next few weeks. I get full pretty quickly so I'm focusing on eating fruit, yogurt or whole wheat snacks when I am hungry. It's much easier than I thought. When someone else depends on what you eat, it gives eating a whole new purpose.
And...since the news is starting to spread I want to share it here as well...
my older brother and his wife are having a baby too! Just six weeks after Kevin and I!! We are all thrilled and can't wait to have two little ones so close in age. They are planning on finding out if they will have a boy or girl and have names chosen, but I'll wait to share those.


Just Jules said…
James' comment after childbirth class vs the real thing -said on the videos they showed each clip was about 2 minutes long... even though it was horrid to sit through two minutes of someone else's child birth it in no way prepared me for the actual thing (of course that was because it took a whole day for the first.....

What I did learn though was what was going to happen around me - no one can predict what your body and the baby will do but it was reassuring to understand what all the staff and equipment around me were for/ and doing.
Just Jules said…
Oh, also... come help finish the story on my blog today - it's just for fun

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