Kick Baby Kick- UPDATED

This afternoon, for the first time, I am sure that I can feel the baby moving around. :)

Last night the baby was even more active. I tried to describe the feeling to Kevin- the best I could come up with was a combination of a bubble and an involuntary muscle twitch. I can't wait for him to be able to feel it too.

Once agian today as I was getting ready I needed to head back to the closet to get something else to wear. I pick out my clothes the night before to save time in the morning and so I don't wake Kevin up since I get up so much earlier. Well, the last few mornings I have had to go back and forth between bathroom and closet to try to find something that will fit. Thanks to my Bella Band I've been able to find a pair of pants to wear so far. The skirt I had planned to wear was a huge fail. :) The band at least will allow me to get by with the dress pants I have for a little while longer. Maternity pants are just too big. Kevin even told me to just go shopping, I will- I'm just being cheap right now and not wanting to spend a fortune on new clothes.

David Beckham looks much better in his tight pants... hahahaha


Brie said…
What an awesome feeling. Enjoy!!
Just Jules said…
ahhhhh THAT is what I miss about pregnancy! those first little tiny bubbles - those are the best. I was so disappointed that James couldn't feel them for several more weeks - it will come. Just enjoy.
Just Jules said…
Woah - when did you sneek that pic in? Maybe he (David) would think you look lovely in tight pants ;)

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