Snow Pants

This year I am unable to be part of our co-ed volleyball league. I'm missing playing and seeing the team every week but with a certain over excited, spacing hogging player on our team I can't run the risk of ending up face down in the sand with him on top of me again. (This happened three times last year resulting in many bruised legs, arms, back, etc.)

So I have resorted to being a spectator and last night was the first game that I was able to attend. It was pretty chilly so I went home after work to change into something warmer to sit outside in. Here's what happened next...

I walk to my dresser and pull out a pair of jeans. In the back of my mind I thought I could get buy with getting them zipped and using the bella band to hold the button in place. Well, sure enough, I got them on just fine...the zipper though wasn't going anywhere. :) It looked ridiculous and felt way too tight to try to sit in. Good bye jeans. I then peeled the pre-pregnancy jeans off and walked to the closet where I found a pair of maternity jeans that a friend of mine is letting me use. As I slipped them on I noticed that they were quite roomy in the legs and backside- well better than too tight I thought to myself. I tightened the adjustable waistband as small as I could get it, still kind of big but they would have to do. I paid no attention to anything else rally, threw on a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and sneakers and ran out the door.

When I reach Kevin's office he kind of smiled and said, "new jeans?" I told him the story of how I ended up wearing them. As we were walking out of the office to head to the game he kind of looked at the "roomy" jeans one more time and said "Honey, you look good but, those jeans kind of look like snow pants." We both burst out laughing. He was right- the jeans were terrible on me, way too big everywhere. But boy was I comfortable!

Long story short, I need to go buy a pair of jeans that fit. It's silly for me to think that I can go four more months and not have a time that will require me to have them. Heaven forbid it's August and I'm walking around the state fair in snow pants!


Just Jules said…
you would be quite surprised by the selection on the clearance rack of Target - it is amazing! (at least in my town) Also to my utter disbelief some of the best maternity clothes I ever purchased were from KMart - I hate that store! Kohl's outweighed the best in price and quality by far. Don't be afraid to go for less quality and a good price it is not like they need to last for years and years

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