Sweet Potato Pie

It's hard to write just how exciting last night was. While it may seem little, last night made me feel like we really were going to be bringing a little person into this world in a few short months. Let me explain...

A generous co-worker of mine offered to give Kevin and I a high chair and pack and play that his grandchildren had outgrown. I of course said we would love them. Yesterday I brought both items home and discovered that each were practically brand new. What a great surprise! Plus they are neutral colors that will work for a boy or girl. Once Kevin got home last night we set up the pack and play, which is a story of its own. I've put together many a play pen in my day but for some reason, when you anticipate this one holding your child, it is very different. Standing in our living room looking at the new pieces of furniture it seemed so real. I am just so thankful and anxious and excited and nervous and over joyed to be pregnant and that Kevin and I are where we are right now. Last year at this time I never would have imagined being here and it just couldn't be any better.

And I'm growing. :) I swear everyday I get up and something has changed. Mostly the way my clothes fit, but I also feel different. Today marks 18 weeks and the baby is about the size of a sweet potato, one that is sure wiggly, about 5.6 inches and 6.7 ounces. Here are some more interesting stats about baby's growth:
The yawn has been mastered by baby at this point. We maybe able to see a yawn or two at the "big" ultrasound appointment on the 4th. The baby is also busy twisting, rolling, kicking and punching, no wonder I feel it so often. Baby is also becoming more conscious of sounds and light. If I were to shine a flashlight on my stomach the baby may turn away.


Just Jules said…
I remember learning the whole flashlight thing - I thought that was so cool. Keegan would push where there was a push on him (a few weeks from where you are now)....fun
Just Jules said…
So just going back through my emails/comments and realized I forgot to reply to you. You are welcome for that book I gave to you for your wedding/shower. That book single handedly is responsible for making our marriage as strong as it is. Granted there was lots of info and reading I had done prior that were seeds waiting but that book made those seeds bloom. I got it. I understood. We are such a strong couple now - mostly to MY attitude change.

Glad you found it useful too - best shower gift ever ;)

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