Today I'm going to write about....hmm there goes a butterfly!

Going off Julie's blog, I am compiling my random thoughts...

1. I can't find my navy sundress that I had planned to wear this weekend to a friend's wedding. I wore it last summer and now it is gone. I don't want to buy anything new either. I swear someone must have snatched it from my closet...

2. I love Yahoo! Messenger. It helps me make it through the afternoons that drag and don't seem to end. My chatting companion Mindi would agree.

3. Why didn't I put maternity jeans sooner. Today I have on my new jean capris and my gosh they are comfortable!

4. I still haven't packed, because of #1. I'm still deciding what to wear to the wedding.

5. The office is VERY quite so far today. So quite that I am thinking about walking to McDonald's to get a de-caf coffee.

6. Wondering if Nicole is going to post the May issue of the Miss MN newsletter sometime soon...? :)

7. I was awaken last night to a sneezing fit by my husband. My gosh! And I thought my allergies were bad.

8. Last night we started to grill brats and red potatoes. When we went out to check their status we had run out of propane. So in the oven everything went.

9. I wish it were noon and I was headed home.

10. I better get to work!


Just Jules said…
#8 is a classic - must happen in our house - usually when we have company coming :)

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