Weight a minute...

I just got back from my monthly doctor visit where I'm pretty sure their scale is broken. The scale claims that I have gained a whopping three pounds since week 8 (tomorrow marks week 16). At home I've gained right around 9 pounds as of yesterday. She was a little surprised not to see a bump on me yet...but once again smiled and said that would be right around the corner.

I also scheduled our next appointment, the big 20 week anatomy ultrasound! We are so excited to see the baby again and see how much it was grown. We won't be finding out the baby's gender, but none the less this will be a very exciting day for us. We were spoiled with so many ultrasounds in the beginning! She also measured the baby's heartbeat, 155 today. While we were listening I heard a sudden swoosh! She nurse smiled and said "The baby is really moving around in there!" What a fun sound.

This weekend we moved one step closer to swapping the office for a nursery by getting rid of the extra bed that was in there. It was worn and really, never used. We got it for free from a co-worker for my sister to use when she visits. It turns out that every time she visits she ends up in my bed and Kevin on the couch. Now our next step will be to move the office to the bedroom downstairs which now currently is occupied by my brother in law. Yes..he moved back in. :) Long story short, we offered him a place to stay while he looked for his own place. He says this will be very short term- two months at the most. I'm ok with two months.
Like I mentioned earlier, tomorrow marks 16 weeks... 4 MONTHS!!! Unbelievable to Kevin and I. More updates then.


Just Jules said…
Enjoy this lack of bump - because with baby #2 your body just thinks - "oh, I know what I am doing ..." Poof!

Muscles are a little less tight and the belly "pops" a little too quickly (by baby #4 forget about it!)

This is good since it seems like your tummy forever looks like the four month stage after baby is born, so if yours looks good now, you have nothing to fear!
Jen said…
I'm loving following you on your pregnancy journey! It's a magical time, isn't it? Enjoy it!

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