2 Arms...Check! 2 Legs...Check! Cute little face looking at us...Check!

Yesterday Kevin and I got to really see our baby. This was a very fun appointment, being to spend so much time looking at the baby, watching it wave its arms and kicks its legs.

Baby is measuring two days ahead in almost every category but its head, which is measuring four days ahead. The doctor claims our baby must have alot of brains. :)

The pictures that we were able to capture don't do justice to how clear we could see everything. I really don't think we will be getting to see baby again now until their birthday this fall. But then again, who would have thought I would have so many ultrasounds in the first place!

Me on the other hand, I asked the doctor about my weight gain. (I really didn't gain anything the first four months) this time however I sure did! haha She assured me every month would not be like this and that I am measuring right where I should be. Maybe the fact that I tried to squeeze into a few cocktail dresses for Miss Mn week and didn't even come close to zipping them got to me. She said, just exercise and everything should stay on track.

I will go back in July for my monthly check-up and for the glucose screening test. We will also start our parenting/birthing classes in July. Before I know it my visits will be every two weeks rather than monthly like they are now.
PLUS! Kevin felt the baby kick this week! That was a great moment. The movements are now strong enough that both of us can feel them. It's just all really, really great. :)


Just Jules said…
Gain weight - you have to. The baby needs it. Think of this ....babies brains develop off from your fat supply. Don't eat ice cream sundaes for breakfast obviously! But don't worry about HOW MUCH you eat - rather what you eat. Make sure you eat healthy but let yourself eat..... baby will ask for food when it needs it listen to those cues!

I loved ultra sounds. They are a blessing that help keep you going
:) Thank you. I needed this.

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