Can't Believe It's a Cantaloupe!

20 weeks marks the half way point. It doesn't feel like five months ago that Kevin and I found out that we were going to be parents. Time is really racing by and each day we get more and more excited about welcoming this little person into our life.

The day after tomorrow we go to see our little one again, we are both going to be pretty cognoscente to remind the doctor of our desire NOT to know the sex of the baby. I'm assuming, unless it is quite obvious, we won't really know what we are looking at unless we are told.
The books and online sites I have been reading say that I will soon "be as hungry as a trucker". :) And that the weight gain has only just begun. Thankfully I have been picking up several pieces of clothing here and there. I am finding that my bella band once did the trick but soon even that will come to an end. The space between my zipper is getting wider and wider and I can tell that the baby is getting bigger and bigger. The kicks, flips and turns are getting stronger and stronger. It is so much fun to get a little reminder throughout the day that someone is having a good time in there.
I've taken pictures of myself at weeks 16, 18 and 20 to see how I've been growing. I'm still trying to convince Kevin that its ok if I let the world see them. He thinks otherwise. So until he changes his mind you will have to use your imagination.


Just Jules said…
seriously - flaunt it! I wish I would have more. We did have a professional photo shoot when we had wee one #1 it was summer so I was about 7 months or more along! I love them and think it was the best decision.

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