Getting Busy

After a truly beautiful weekend with my family I headed back to the concrete jungle to start the month of June. It will kick off a VERY busy summer for Kevin and I. Weddings, showers, weddings and more showers on top of the annual visits to Breezy Point and Park Rapids, the state fair, and the Quilt Show we will be putting many miles on the car. I keep reminding myself how easy it is for us to jump in the car at a moment's notice.
Yesterday I received a handful of mixed news and announcements. First- my generous and thoughtful aunt offered to come stay with us this fall after baby is born, a priceless gift. Next, my dear friend asked Kevin and I to be the guest book "watchers/make sure people know where they are going" couple. We are very excited about our new responsibilities :) This same friend also revealed to me that she has skin cancer. (This two days before I too go to the dermatologist to have some "I'm sure they are fine but you better have them checked out" freckles on my neck and chest. Oh the joys of growing up and becoming an adult. Things get complicated, or should I say we now are starting to see that life is not as easy as we once saw through our naive eyes as a child.
So yes, dermatologist tomorrow, ultrasound Thursday and company on Friday!! My friend Mindi, her husband Scott and their adorable daughter Jovie are coming to spend a weekend with us! Things on tap include the zoo, a St. Paul Saints game, El Loro (our favorite Mexican restaurant which we take all of our guests to) and possibly golf for the boys.
Which brings me to Sunday when we will say goodbye to the Larson's and I will head to our last official Miss MN meeting before we kick off the 2009 Miss MN week on June 14th. I spend a week of "vacation" with the contestants running to and from rehearsals, and appearances. While this week is one of my favorites, it is also one of the most tiring and at times- trying weeks of my year. Being part of the Miss MN board is a year round event, just when we think things are calming down or are back to normal something pops up and throws us all for a loop!
I better wrap this up and get some work done. :)
More later- big week ahead so I'm sure there will be things to report.


Just Jules said…
Enjoy this craziness because as you stated, pretty soon jumping in the car becomes impossible!

Even the technicalities of how one even goes to a wedding, much less performs a task at one becomes a nightmare

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