"POP" goes the Papaya!

Yep- I am now at the point where it would be hard to not tell that I am pregnant. The little papaya is getting bigger and stronger everyday- I am happy that so far most of the kicking is done while I am awake. :) I am anticipating some serious growth now- I've read that the baby's weight will double in the next four weeks. Which would still only make baby a little over 4 pounds.
Tonight we are going to go a few more places to look at nursery furniture. We need to decide on a crib- the one that we thought we wanted....we no longer do. We also need to go and check out a few daycare centers. Our neighbors generously offered the info they have on their experience in selecting a center which was very helpful. (Although we are still quite amazed at the price of childcare- especially knowing what providers charge "up north")
Many things on our to do list and we are enjoying doing them. Hard to image I am nearly 6 months now- soon we will be counting the days!


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