Time to go to sleep little one

It seems baby has Kevin's night owl syndrome. :) Or perhaps baby thinks that when I lay down at night I should actually still be moving around making noise. Apparently that is what is preferred for the little one. We were pretty entertained the other night watching my stomach move this way and that. It doesn't prevent me from getting sleep (trying to get comfortable does that) I really love the feeling of the baby twisting, turning, kicking and punching. I joked with Angelica that the baby must be playing Wii in there.
Today marks month 6. Thinking back to the night walking to the Wild game when i told Kevin we were going to be having a baby, it seems like it has gone by so quickly. I really cannot believe that in 16 short weeks (give or take a few) we will have a brand new little person at home with us. It is such an amazing and exciting time.


Just Jules said…
I always wondered if baby moved more then or if it was that I was sitting still and not thinking of anything else so I noticed it more.

getting comfortable - go get more pillows, one on the back , one between knees is a MUST, etc

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