What a week it will be!

Later this morning myself, the rest of the state board and 17 of Minnesota's most talented, intelligent and ambitious young women will start Miss Minnesota week 2009. (I do realize that that sentence sounds canned and well...fake, but believe it or not...check out their info at the beautiful showcaswe site that our lovely Nicole Sutterfield put together this year!

Check in will start today at 1pm when the Quality of Life Finalists come to the Holiday Inn Select for their interviews. This interview and award do not have an affect on the overall outcome. It is a separate scholarship which the "girls" (which they are fondly referred to) submitted an essay on their community service work with their personal platform. Platforms range anywhere from Financial Smarts, Music Education, Diabetes Awareness, Mentoring, Volunteering, Getting out the Vote, you name it. In the year 2000 alone local and state contestants donated nearly 600,000 volunteer hours. To top that off each contestant raises funds for the Children's Miracle Network- funds that go directly to the hospitals.

Getting off my soap box...it's a great week filled with rehearsals, sponsor appearances, a trip to the local CMN hospital (Gillette Children's Hospital), our annual golf tournament and frinally wraps up with preliminary compeition friday night and final competition and the crowing of Miss Minnesota 2009 Saturday night. By Sunday- we are all beat!

Sunday we are hosting a Father's Day BBQ at our house! It will be interesting to see how tired I am by then ;)

Baby Stuff!

Yesterday Kevin and I took our first trip to Babies R Us. We spent several hours looking at car seats, strollers and cribs (the picture is of the one we like). Kevin left the store with new information for the research he will do before we purchase anything. (Need I remind you it took him 6 months of research to buy a matress). But I am thankful for all of the work he puts into this research, I do not have the patience to do it- so I'm glad he does.

Ok- I've got to get finish getting ready. Stay tuned for baby updates throughout the week when there is time. Thank goodness for Wi-Fi!


Mrs. W said…
looking forward to the week! ps- you looke adorable on sunday @ check in!! :)
Just Jules said…
oh have fun! Enjoy - it won't be this easy ever again.

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