27 Weeks

It was pointed out to me that I hadn't blogged in "an entire week!" I think the problem is that I have so much to write about that I don't know where to start so here it goes...

Last weekend I got to spend extra time with my dad and Angelica which was really nice. It was the end of Water Carnival in Detroit Lakes so there was much to do. We made it to a few of the weekend's highlights- the chili and salsa cook off (where my friend Aaron had the best chili by far), the car show and the blow up bouncing toys. (I have a video of Angelica on these but can't figure out how to get it from my phone to the blog yet....) We also danced on the beach as the band at the pavilion played, had personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hut and saw the movie Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It was a really nice weekend- always too short though.

We started our Birthing/Parenting classes last night. I made dinner before hand so Kevin could rush home, eat and then we could leave. There are 11 or 12 other couples in our class, all of which are due before we are. I think the next closest is Oct 1st. There is even one couple who are due to have their baby August 7th! Talk about cutting it close. We will meet every Monday night for 2 1/2 hours to learn about what to expect, what to do and why you feel, or act in some cases, the way you do while pregnant. One of the funniest parts of last night was when our instructor Diane talked about the hormone relaxin. It is responsible for relaxing your joints which then also means you become clumsier. Kevin shot me a look and laughed when she said this- I have said during this entire pregnancy that I have never spilled on myself until now. This explains it.

We also have the "pleasure" of watching a short video about the stages of labor. Before hand I commented to Kevin about how I am guessing it will be a video from the 70's. Well maybe it wasn't from the 70's...maybe the 90's but still...where do they find these people??? Do they show you the worst possible scenarios so that when you are in labor you feel great about how it went for you? I'm not saying I picture labor being easy and carefree but the way the video portrayed it- these women were trying to win an Oscar for their birthing performance.

Another experience this week was painting my toe nails. I'd like to announce right now that last night was the last time until perhaps November that I will be painting my toe nails on my own. I'm leaving that up to a professional from here on out. What a joke, me tyring to bend over, to the side while still managing to get any polish on my actual toe nails. I'm glad no one was there to witness that. (It was funny enough when Kevin caught me trying to get a pair of capris on)

Friday we head to Breezy Point with Kevin's half of the family. It has become an annual tradition, much like my family for Labor Day weekend. So for the occasion I bought a swimsuit. I figure that even though I won't be trying to get a tan I will want to get in the lake to enjoy weightlessness and the nice cool water. I went with this one from A Pea In The Pod. Its pretty cute and (once on my body) pretty comfortable too. I plan on spending time in the shade rather than the sun this year. Next year...we will have our little one to get in the water with! Such a fun thing to look forward to.

So yes, to the regular update stuff- week 27 today- the baby is becoming very good at moving around. My entire stomach moves which gives Kevin and I a good twenty minutes of laughter when we go to bed at night. I see the doctor again next week and then every two weeks after that until... well I forget until when but not long after it will be every week until the baby arrives.

So...there you have it. A quick summary yes but hopefully I will have more to say this week!


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