28 weeks

It is hard to even imagine that a baby could be born and survive at this point. My older brother is proof I guess and that was 30 years ago. While I have no reason to believe our baby would follow suit, it is in the back of my mind that between now and when the baby is born anything can happen. Everything is going really well, I have my next doctor's appointment on Thursday to see how things are progressing.
We had our second baby class last night. We talked all about pain relief and relaxation techniques. I remind myself that while I have one thing in mind, when I am actually in labor who knows what will happen. We have our birthing "preferences" pretty well set right now, I'm still researching vaccines and the options we have there in regards to what we do and do not want the baby to have right away.
This weekend my friend Barb is hosting a baby shower for us at her home. I am very excited for this, mainly because I love getting together with people and love telling people about the baby. The following weekend there is a shower at my aunt Peggy's which she, my friend Mindi and my sister in law Delayne are hosting. Mindi and I have come up with some pretty creative ideas for entertainment if we should need them. Right Mindi ;)
AND...... speaking of Delayne; she and my brother found out that they are having a boy! While we were all pretty convinced that she would have a girl the ultrasound showed us differently. They are still working on the perfect name. Now she is convinced that Baby V is a she. Time will tell.


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