Hard Feelings

Not pregnancy related but its been on my mind for a few weeks.

I received an email from one of our Miss MN contestants shortly after pageant week had concluded and we had crowned our new winner. This contestant had done very well! In fact I think she surprised herself at some of her accomplishments from the competition. What I don't think she did was invest anything else in the week.

What I mean is- I think she was there for one thing- to win. Now, I understand, as a former contestant, what the ultimate goal is- you want to walk away as Miss Minnesota. What is often over looked are the handfuls of opportunities to get even MORE from the experience that "just" that. Its unrealistic to believe that its that simple- to win just because you are the best. Because you have a better talent, better interview, better wardrobe- when it comes down to it, it does not matter who wants it more, it matters who the judges choose. Hopefully, the judges do choose the girl who has the whole package- the interview, the talent, the swimsuit body, you can hope that girl is you.

But when its not you need to be able have gained something else whether that be a feeling of accomplishment for making it to the Miss MN stage, a couple bucks to help pay those college loans or a new friend (and I will tell you THAT is what will make your experience the richest).

I know that the email sent to me was from a contestant that was hurt for not placing as well as she would have liked or more so as well as she thought she deserved. That hurt is real- I think sometimes in our hurt we forget that others have also been through that hurt and have made it beyond that. I could completely empathize with her, I had been there twice- I got really close to my dream coming true. At the time (when I stood on stage for the second time and heard my name called as third runner up) I was hurt too. Little did I know that much bigger and better things were in store for me. All I could see was that crown and that is all I wanted.

If I had won either of those times I would not be here that's for sure. Here as in, part of the state board (with which I serve with some of the most valued people in my life), I may or not have been proposed to on stage, and have it on DVD, by my wonderful husband, I just wouldn't be where I'm at. Things just work out...I guess you can't explain it.

At the risk of sounding REALLY cheesy and/or clique there's a song on the radio right now- part of the lyric includes a line about all of our prayers are answered but sometimes the answer is no. While I hate to admit it- because there are things in life that I am pretty certain should not be (I won't get into all that here) these lines hold alot of truth. We just don't get what we want sometimes, we get what is best for us.

So- to the girl who is hurt, mad, disappointed, confused and all of those other emotions that tag along with it- you are not the first, you will not be the last and I hope that you are able to see how not having this experience will lead to other fantastic experiences that will overshadow this one.


Andrea said…
so true. i think you wonderfully summed up what this organization's 'BIG PICTURE' is really all about!

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