Week 25

We ordered the crib last night! The expected delivery is in about two weeks, which means we need to get the office cleaned out and start the nursery. Although we won't be painting until next winter once we know if baby would prefer blue or pink but we will be making the room welcome for a little one. The crib we finally decided on: This week baby is about 2.2 pounds and the size of an eggplant. No wonder my stomach is moving all over the place. :) I am getting better at finding a comfortable position to sleep in. I tried the pillow between the knees thing and that worked for awhile but I can never keep it there all night. I have found that for me, one side or the other works just fine. Not sure it all my adjusting is letting Kevin get a peaceful nights sleep though.
So- the general consensus from the friends, family and strangers is that I must be having a boy. While everyone has a different reason or wives tale why they believe this the majority say that I am carrying "low". To which I want to know- if I were carrying "high" where in the world would I be carrying? My entire abdominal region is a bump already- I guess I don't know where else I could expand! It is fun though to hear all of the guesses, we will all have to wait until October to find out for sure.


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