30 weeks! Oh my...that means there are only 10 left!

Yep- potentially only 10 weeks left. I say potentially because who knows when this baby will decide today is the day. With the looks of our living room and nursery right now though you would think we had much longer :). We have gifts everywhere. Tonight Kevin and his brother maybe picking up the dresser from the furniture store which means the office will then have to be moved downstairs and the baby's room can start to take shape. With all the gifts we have received it will be so nice to have places to start putting everything.
I go back to the doctor on Thursday for another check up- these appointments are so quick and easy! Walk in, weigh in, blood pressure, measure my stomach, listen to the heartbeat- doctor asks if I have any questions and away I go until next time.
Last night was our snack night at baby class. We brought veggies and chocolate chip cookies. Great combination. A pediatrician from Metro Pediatrics came and spoke to our group, lucky for us we already have a doctor in mind. The same doctor had growing up in fact. His family loves him and the clinic so that was an easy decision.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the guys get the dresser tonight! Oh and we ordered curtains for the baby's room- they are pictured here but we ordered in the cream color.


Just Jules said…
Or you could have 12 weeks left dear. Please don't take your actual date as cement and as the end all be all. None of my babies wanted to make an early arrival (except 3 lb Addie girl..... )

Just remember - it is an approximate date - give or take 2 weeks.

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