So does this mean we are ready to be parents?

Last night marked our final night of Birth and Parenting Preparation class. To be honest, by the end we were ready to be done- we enjoyed the other couples, the educator, the information, but just feel that a lot of our learning is going to need to come first hand.
32 seems like they have gone by so quickly but then I think back to the day I found out we were going to have a baby- that night walking to the Wild game and Kevin finding a pacifier in his pocket. :) Wondering when I was going to start looking like I was pregnant and not just as if I'd been indulging in donuts and chocolates. The first ultrasound, the first time we saw our baby bouncing around in there - it really is quite the miracle that in a few short weeks we will have this little person at home with us figuring each other out.
I go back for another routine appointment on Thursday- I wish they would tell me that we could have another ultrasound- it would be very interesting to take a peek at the baby now that it was gotten so "big".
That's the update for today. :)


Anonymous said…
Soon . . . very soon!

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