Updated: We bought a dresser!

That's right- we finally decided on a dresser and night stand for the nursery. It is the one above, minus the mirror. Wednesday it will be in the baby's room - which for me makes everything seem so close! I don't know why the crib didn't give us the same response (maybe if there were a mattress and bedding in the crib it would be different.)

Our next search is for a glider. We have the style chosen, we just need to find out who will sell it to us at the price we want to pay.

This weekend we were also fortunate enough to have had a shower hosted for us by our very good friend Barb. It was a wonderful morning filled with a delicious brunch, cake, thoughtful gifts and fun conversation. We played a few fun games- one included me being measured with tulle. Barb also hosted a bridal shower for me before our wedding, she always makes these days so special for me.

The nursery is quickly filling up with tissue paper, boxes and baby supplies- it is amazing to me how many people we have in our life that care about us. It is a very humbling experience and we are grateful to everyone for it.

As soon as I get some pictures- they will be up! HERE THEY ARE:


MissMnCommittee said…
You make me smile . . . and I can't wait for Baby V!

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