Week 29- A Squash!

Yep- there's a squash in my belly! :) Last week marked the start my every other week visits to the doctor to me measured, weighed and to listen to the baby's heartbeat. With only about 11 weeks or so left, it wont be long before I am visiting the doctor once a week!.
Last night at our birthing/parenting class we had a tour of the labor/delivery room and the postpartum rooms. Walking into the delivery room was very strange to me. To imagine being back in one of those rooms in only a few short months was very surreal to think about. Then on to the postpartum floor, which has been recently renovated. This floor smelled less like a hospital and more like new paint- which I preferred. Rumor has it that somewhere on that floor there is a snack room for the moms and dads who are welcoming a newborn...this room is high on our priority list of things to find/do before baby arrives. :)
As I have probably already mentioned, this weekend is a VERY exciting one. My aunt Peggy, sister in law Delayne and good friend Mindi are hosting a baby shower this Saturday at Peggy's house. (which by the way is beautiful and is surrounded by an unbelievable flower garden www.gardenquiltshowandtea.com)
I am looking forward to this so much because of the people who I am hoping will be there- many family and friends that I really don't get to see very often. It will be a great day! I can't wait!


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