The heels are back!

That's right- after a few days of increased walking and water in take my heels fit once again and my feet are back to normal. Oh happy day! :) This is not to say I didn't bring back up flip flops just in case. Now that the heels are back I no longer feel like I should have pig tails and a backpack on.
Big weekend in the nursery department. We purchased the crib mattress and glider. The baby's room is over flowing right now- there's no room for baby. We need to do a little re-organization in the office and lower level to accommodate items that we will not be using for a few months, such as the jumperoo, so we can walk in there! But it is coming together. With 37 days until the due date (yeah, yeah I know the baby is not going to look at their planner and arrive on October 20th) there really isn't an excess of time now. We made another trip to Babies R Us to go over what still needs to be purchased and have a shopping game plan set following our last two showers.
Things are getting even more exciting now, every step is new and wonderful- can't wait to meet the baby!


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