I miss my mom alot. I miss her everyday, when people say not a day goes by without x, y or z I know what they mean. There literally isn't a day that has gone by that I don't think about my mom or wish she were here or that I could at least call her.
With the baby coming it would be really nice to be able to ask her questions or just have her to call cause I'm scared about some of this stuff. There is just no one who can replace what a mom can do or say. I get sad for my dad and sister and brothers. Everything that changes when you lose someone.
I'm not sure what spurred my sudden need to write all this- I feel it everyday but, I guess today is just...I don't know. Just a day that it all feels heightened for some reason.


I just read your post and my eyes welled up with tears. I'm thinking about you, I can imagine it is hard to go through this becoming a mom without your mom to talk to about it. I know she is going through it all with you though and smiling on you as you get closer to meeting your little one :)

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