We're getting closer....

Well here we are in week 37! Hard to believe. For the longest time I didn't even consider the "due date" because we were always so far away from it. But now, with the baby only weeks away it is very, very real.
None of my shoes fit- even the one pair of flats that I own are too snug on my left foot- not width wise, but length. My foot has apparently grown. My hands are now a bit swollen, but the swelling in my feet has gone down. I'm finding it harder to sleep, mostly because of the bizarre dreams I keep having!
Overall I feel really great- just anxious and excited to meet our little boy or girl!


Just Jules said…
ahhh the final stages, hard to wait they are (am I yoda? uggg) anyway... Take these last few days to relax and just enjoy your last few moments together.

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