There's a carseat in my car

This weekend Kevin and I closed out our registry at Babies R Us which meant purchasing the remaining items that we still needed. The "need" list included the car seat and stroller. After hearing what a pain car seats were to install we thought for sure it would take us a while to get it in there. But much to our delight, it was a snap! My car has the handy dandy hooks in each backseat which the car seat base simply hooks into. After making sure it was level we were all set in no time at all.

We also got to spend part of Saturday watching our friends' daughter. She is absolutely a pleasure to have at our house! She plays, she naps, she eats, she plays some more... really a great little girl. Plus she got to test out the baby's room to make sure it was "ok" for the baby. :) We think she approves.


Just Jules said…
ha! love this. now take your car into the police dept. and have them check it out. I am serious. You will be surprised at what they say. Ask them to check it out and make sure you installed it correctly. They found sooooo many errors with our car seat we were absolutely certain we had done correctly. better safe then sorry I guess

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