Times Up

Today is my due date. Apparently our baby does not have an Outlook calendar or BlackBerry to let he/she know that it is now time to be welcomed into the world.
We made it through the wedding last weekend where Kevin was the Best Man, that was our "goal" to get through that so Kevin could be part of his friend Dave's big day. Now we are even more anxious for the baby to be born. With everything "done" we are very excited for what will happen within the week.
I will see my doctor on Thursday where I will have an ultrasound to see just how big this tiny baby is and to then set an induction date for early next week. This is all of course if nothing happens in between all of that. I am still hoping to go into labor and avoid being induced, but by next week it will just be time.
Kevin referred to me as a "ticking time bomb." I suppose this is true, we just don't know yet when it is going to happen. So exciting.


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