4 Months

Cooper and I made our way to the doctor this week for his 4 month well check. But before getting his shots I decided the ladies at the office should see him. It ws so much fun to introduce him to everyone once again. He even woke up for awhile to say hello. I've become pretty accustomed to people telling me how much Cooper looks like Kevin but much to my delight I recevied several comments on how much he looks like ME! I was very please to say the least. He does have my blue eyes after all. :) The other comment I got from everyone was, "Wow, he's so BIG!"

Once we arrived at the doctor's office and Cooper "weighed in" it was no surprise just why so many people make that comment. He is still in the 97% for height and weight. OUr pediatrician made the comparison of his weight is that of an average 61/2 month old and his height is that of an average 71/2 month old. He's really moving along!

This weekend we FINALLY get to meet our nephew Alex. We never did get the chance over the Christmas holiday. This weekend we will celebrate his baptism in Bismarck. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and to taking Cooper inthe pool. He loved teh night I took him in the big tub so I'm hoping he likes the pool just the same. We'll find out!


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