Get It Together

Being organized is something that I had always prided myself on. Before Cooper I really did think that I had my stuff together. NOW, since becoming a mom, I find myself making lists in my head, planning out our next move strategically. Laying out outfits, meals, walks, our trip to Target- everything! After our episode at the clinic awhile back (I somehow managed to get to the clinic without so much as a single diaper) I just flipped a stitch! NOW instead of laxidazily packing up my suitcase and his diaper bag, I imagine any possible scenario and plan accordingly. AND I LOVE IT! It is such a great feeling to know that no matter what, we're covered. Because really, if all else fails, I also have a credit card and husband to cover anything I may forget.

For those who have not heard the story of the clinic incident...
Cooper had a cough which we all ("all" as in Kevin, me and Brianne- whom watches Cooper) decided he should be seen my the pediatrician. I rushed from the office to pick him up. Once I saw him I realized that he was worse than I imagined! So I dashed with him to the car, called the clinic to see if he could be seen immediately. Once they said yes, I just drove straight to the clinic without stopping at home for the diaper bag. I didn't realize this until we were at the clinic and Cooper needed to be changed. Thankfully the nurse was able to find me two diapers; one his size and one that could have fit a toddler. I proceeded to undress Cooper to be examined and handed him to the nurse. Of course as soon as she moved his diaper a sudden stream of pee shot from where the diaper once was. I leaped to my feet to try to shield the bewildered nurse from the enevitable. She didn't move fast enough. It was almost as if he thought she was a moving target. I couldn't help but laugh.
With that diaper now unuseable I had no choice but to clad him with the monster sized diaper until we got home. I apologized to him for being our guinea pig, saying that he was paving the way and training us for any future siblings.


Brie said…
I hadn't heard that story! LOL! And I like you've found your stride for feeling prepared for anything :)
Just Jules said…
remember though - as good as it is to be prepared, it is not good to over think things. relax a bit. babies survive, they don't know and they have no conscious memory until around 4 years old for a reason@!!

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