I Just Want You To Know

My husband thinks it is sickening but....I really like Kate Gosselin. I have from the time I first watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 - yes even when she would yell at Jon and get short with the kids. Instead of seeing a nagging, over bearing wife and mom I saw a woman who was overworked, exhausted and really doing her best to keep it together. Someone who also felt like unless she was totally in control, things would fall apart. Now more than ever (since her less than stellar husband flew the coop; seriously- have you seen his latest faux hawk that he is sporting??) I think she is really an inspiration. She works hard, just because it's an unconventional job doesn't mean it's not work, she loves her kids and she is providing for them as best as she can.

So when her latest book, I Just Want You To Know, was published I was quick to purchase and read it. Some have given the critism that it exposes her children, why would she need to have these letters published? Hey- I've had this same idea! (Having something similar pubslihed that is.) The book has inspired me to periodically post a letter to Cooper on my blog...

Dear Coopie,

This week you will be six months old! Oh how time has flown for your daddy and me. In the very beginning when you would wake up every two hours during the night, I couldn't imagine a time would come when I would get to sleep through the entire night! Or that you and I could just be at home playing and not have to worry the entire time if I was doing it right. You are an amazing little boy already. You have given us so much love and joy in just six short months, I cannot imagine how things could get any better, but I know they will!

Your daddy once compared you to a campfire because we can just sit and watch you without saying a word. :) The three of us will often lay on our bed and listen to everything you have to tell us. You make us laugh constantly! Already you are trying to communicate with us, you are such a smart little guy.

We are so very blessed to have been given YOU as our first child.


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