Cooper! Cooper!

Every time we visit Cooper's pediatrician, he walks into our room chanting an almost as if Cooper is a football star rather than a "little" boy. "Cooper! Cooper! Cooper!" (Dr. LeFevre also told Cooper that his mommy and daddy grow big babies in their house.)

6 months:



Both keep him in the 97% for height and weight. As soon as he can gt this crawling thing mastered I think his weight will slow down. Although lately he's been insisting he have 12oz as his late afternoon meal rather than the typical 8oz. I asked Kevin to remind me to have this much enthusiasm if someday we have a girl and she is as "successful" with her size. A past episode of Oprah came to mind that day we sat in the clinic. Two professional women's volleyball players were on the show talking about beauty. Both of the woman were well over 6 feet tall, plus drop dead gorgeous. One told the story of how almost every week her father would have her stand next to the door frame so he could measure how tall she was. He would then make such a big deal about what a wonderful thing it was to be so tall. She holds that memory of being almost a foot taller than everyone in her class as a great accomplishment of sorts, thanks to her parents. Instead of slumping over and and being self conscious she was encouraged to celebrate it. I think that often we (the media, the general public most times) celebrate this type of things with boys but not as often with our girls.

However, all of this said...I have a feeling our household will be filled with little boys. Which by the way, is just fine with me.


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