Cooper- 1 Mommy- 0

Is the mommy guilt supposed to start this early?! :)
Last night Cooper and I spent 4 hours trying to get him to bed. We did the normal routine- giggle time, bath, diaper, bottle and bed. This time however ,every time I laid him in his crib he'd snap out of his sleepy-eyed almost asleep state and start crying. I tried to comfort him, I'd give him his special blanket stand where he could still see me in the room, let him cry for 10 minutes and go to check on him. After 4 hours of this repeated cycle (along with a stint of Cooper laying in bed with me in the dark, hoping he would get the idea that EVERYONE was going to bed) I finally couldn't do it anymore. He was crying, I was crying. It was awful. I finally scooped him up, cuddled him in my arms for a few minutes to calm him down, rocked him in his room until he was sleepy again and laid him down. He cried. And cried. and cried. I'm not sure for how long. I knew he was ok though- dry, fed, no temperature.
I woke up this morning feeling guilty about the whole thing. It wasn't HIS problem that the ordeal was so drug out- it was mine. I should have let him cry it out the first or second time and not have run in to his room to pick him up and rock some more. No wonder he kept crying- he's got me trained. I love that little boy so much, it breaks my heart to hear him cry. Let's hope for a better bedtime tonight!


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