3am and Washboard Abs

Cooper's new favorite time to wake up is 3am. I guess he has decided, much like his cousin Alex, that he is just so excited about life, that he needs to wake up to see us every once and a while. Cooper was on a streak of sleeping through the night until recently. I think back on the first few weeks of Cooper's life; when we dreamt of only getting up once during the night. It's all about perspective I guess. I don't mind getting up with Cooper once I'm actually OUT of bed. the hard part is leaving the nice warm sheets!

Speaking of perspective...a few posts ago I posted a picture of Kate G and her flat stomach, stating I should jump back on the treadmill. I was reminded that after all, she did have some help getting that nice tummy. After reading the comment I thought to myself, "Good point! I don't look too shabby for gaining and losing 50 plus pounds in the last year."

This perspective came in handy when last week I had the pleasure to go bridesmaid dress shopping with the lovely Joni (my future sister in law whom I am VERY blessed to have) and her friend Anne. While trying on dresses I caught a glimpse of Anne's teeny, tiny waist and tanned abs...I needed to remind myself that I had given birth six months ago and that I never did really have remarkable ads to begin with. (I went home and ran 3 miles though.) :)

A reminder of how big I was...and I still had 4 weeks until Cooper's arrival!


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