Get off my back

To the driver of the black VW that tailed me nearly my entire drive home yesterday...why did you find it necessary to try to push me down the road? I thought I was driving fast enough, a few miles an hour over the speed limit in fact. That was until we both turned into my neighborhood and you still tried to make me drive faster. While you don't know it- you were seconds away from eating my bumper. If the rational voice of my husband hadn't stepped in you just may have. I, unlike you apparently, felt the need to slow down while driving on a residential street where there were children playing and people walking. If I had needed to stop quickly there's no doubt you would have hit me, you are just lucky my son wasn't in the car with me. If he had been there's a good possibility I may have tried to stop you and....well I'm not sure what then because seeing as how you were in such a hurry you might now have even noticed I had stopped to get your attention.

The best part is that once I pulled over for you to pass me and then proceeded to follow you this time, it turns out we were going to the same destination. (Well almost) as I pulled up to pick up my son from daycare you pulled into the house across the street from me. If I didn't have any class I would have yelled across the street how I felt about your driving skills.

I think I've solved the problem now - it involves a water balloon launcher. Watch out! :)


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