Since by big Christmas surprise of a treadmill, I've become a runner. Hmmmm, that seems so serious when I type it that way. Well, I guess I at least FEEL like I've become a runner. I run almost everyday now- at least 3 miles each time. In May my friend Mindi and I ran a 10k as part of the Fargo Marathon. When I was training for that my running was a little more serious. Things are turning back to that "seriousness" once again as I get ready for the next 10k this time in my hometown of Lake Park. I'm not sure what to expect in terms of where exactly we'll be running. While at my dad's recently, I asked just how far it was to our farm just north of "town" :) My dad said it is 7 miles. I thought about running out there just to see if I could make it...then I remembered the rather large hills that are on that route and changed my mind.

Running is something that I never in a million years imagined myself enjoying and participating in an organized way. In high school my least favorite day and most dreaded was the day we ran the mile in gym class. Mindi, my friend Emily and I were prepared though. I planned ahead for us, asking my mom to put water in the mail box for us. (My parents house is adjacent to the high school) as we ran by, incredibly out of shape but at the time I had no idea) we would grab out waters and much to our surprise and delight we'd also have homemade bread slices waiting in there too! Now that was my idea of a good run. No kidding - I think it took us 20 minutes to run the mile.

After gaining 50lbs (and then some) when I was pregnant with Cooper I wanted to really get back into shape, literally. After I met that goal, the 10k was the next goal to meet. Now I'm just running to run and to eat more ice cream.

If anyone is looking for a great stress reliever, energy booster, weight loss "trick" get running! You'll be hooked.


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