We've been having FUN!

I was kindly reminded that it has almost been a month since my last blog posting. So here's an update:

Cooper turned ONE (!) and we have a big party to celebrate. Our house overflowed with family and friends, and food! We were once again reminded how fortunate we are to have such wonderful people in our life.

We had Cooper's one year well check- and got three shots- boo to that.

Cooper was 26 1/2 pounds and in the 95% for height and weight. Our little boy has "big paws" as one of Kevin's friends pointed out. It is noticeable to us when he is feeding himself and those "paws" are close to his cute little face.

He loves...
Dance parties in his room with his disco ball
"Running" (assisted) up and down our hallway
Wrestling with daddy
Throwing food on the floor to get our attention
Going for walks
Staying up LATE to party (we found this out recently at Uncle Brian and Auntie Joni's wedding where he slept one hour total all day and then stayed up dancing until midnight!)
Making funny faces
Throwing balls
Being the best little boy ever...seriously.

Like I mentioned above, Brian (Kevin's younger brother) and Joni tied the knot last weekend! It was by far the most fun we have had at a wedding in a long time. It was a perfect day, where again we were able to see so many other people who are so important to us. We wish more of you could have joined us that weekend.
Cooper was one of 5 Ring Bearers

Packing up to head home.

While we were in "up north" for the wedding both of my brothers were being world travelers. One in India for business and the other in Mexico for fun and a wedding. I think its our turn to go somewhere!


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