A year and a half?!

Happy 1 1/2 year birthday Cooper! I can't believe how fast that went!

Our not so little boy had his 18 month check up recently and staying on trend he is "above average" :)

Weight 29lbs - 90%

Height 35 and some odd inches - 97%

He is expanding his vocaublary everyday. It seems that he is repeating everything now, but he still has his go-to words:

Car- this is by far his favorite word, toy and activity!

Bye - his version is more like "bye eeeeeeeeeeeee"

Hi- !!!

Airplane- "Pane"



daddy- "daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Angelica- "ca"

Grandpa- "pa"

Taz ( Angelica's puppy) "tap"

Yes- "ha" with a big head nod



Outside- "side"

Treat- "teat"

Popcorn- "pop pop" (he isn't eating it, but we play it with him on the trampoline and when we jump on the bed- see the video)

and the list goes on.


Pasta- hence the spaghetti face


Black beans

String cheese



Giving hugs

Reading books with dad

Throwing, chasing, rolling balls

Swimming lessons

Riding in the van

Talking on the phone

Jumping/falling off of everything

He is such GREAT little boy and we feel so lucky that he's ours.


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