Growing up

In just about one month Cooper will be 2 years old. It is hard to believe it! Kevin and I talk about how wonderful and at the same time, how sad it is that he is no longer our baby. As he was running around the house a few nights ago we looked at each other and were amazed when we realized a year ago he wasn't even walking yet.

This and That
Will at random times look at me and say "Mommy toot!" (for the record Kevin taught him this)
Says he is daddy's little stinker and mommy's honey
Tells us he is going to be 2 (sometimes that is going to be 2 hours....not sure why) and that what he wants for his birthday is monies (I'll let  you guess who taught him that)
He loves walking like a penguin- which means stamping his feet up and down quickly
What he calls his grandpas- Grandpa Dougie (my dad) and Pa Bob (Kevin's dad)
Hides in the pillows on the couch and yells- mommy hind you! (which I think means- mommy I'm hiding from you!)
Wakes up some mornings and says he wants a samich (sandwich)
Puts his arms in the air and says Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! when we go down a hill in the car

Trucks, cars, buses, motorcycles, tractors, airplanes
Booberries - blueberries
Apple juice
Fish crackers
Putting on my bracelets to sing and dance

Speaking of growing up, with the baby only 11 weeks away from expected arrival we need to transition Cooper to a toddler bed. Here is the bed and the bedding that will go with it. Once we meet Baby #2 and see if we have a boy or girl, I will order coordinating bedding for them. Cooper's room was already decorated with Eric Carle artwork and a large green leaf canopy over his bed, so this bedding was the perfect fit!


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