Labor Day weekend

Every year for the past 7 years my family has spent Labor Day weekend at a cabin together. My mom started this tradition and we have happily continued it. I think it is a weekend we all look forward to. I feel especially lucky that we get together every year on this weekend because my birthday is always celebrated! What a better way to celebrate another year than being with everyone I love.
This year our group included: Kevin and Cooper (of course), my dad and sister, my brother Mike, sister in-law Delayne and my nephew Alex (Big Al), my brother Nick and Melissa, and last but not least, Kevin's parents. We spent our 5 days grilling, boating, playing at the park and in the sand, biking, cooking and almost burning the cabin down....whomever rented the cabin before us decided it was a good idea to leave a bag of pre-popped popcorn in the oven. First- who puts popcorn in the oven? Second, who puts pre-popped popcorn in a bag in the oven?! When Nick went to pre-heat the oven for dinner he never looked inside to make sure it was empty. Soon I saw black smoke pour out from one of the burners! I quickly opened the oven door and was engulfed by smoke- LOTS of smoke! I could see that there was a bag of pop corn on the rack and that popcorn was falling from it to the heating element below. I quickly shut the door, turned off the oven and ordered everyone OUT of the cabin. I kept asking Nick "Did you put popcorn in there?!" In his typical Nick fashion he was laughing saying "no!" "no!" So I kept asking- "Did you or didn't you?!" Soon Mike was in the kitchen with me as we debated whether or not we use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. In typical Mike fashion he said "Just wait a minute. Let's see if it goes out." As I stood there with the pin pulled on the extinguisher ready to be a firefighter. Sure enough, the fire put itself out.
We began opening all of the windows and trying to turn off the fire alarms which were blaring by this point- good to know they worked.
When the smoke had cleared the popcorn was removed from the oven and the oven rack was scrapped clean of the plastic bag that had baked itself on. So much for lasagna for dinner. We grilled burgers and hotdogs instead and enjoyed lasagna the next evening. Back to the weekend details...
The ladies shopped in Park Rapids, Kevin and his dad golfed and the other boys biked. My dad even purchased a new bike for himself! I have a feeling Angelica is going to take advantage of this.  

Cooper and Alex were no doubt the entertainment of the weekend! None stop fun with the two of them!


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