State Fair!

Cooper's first visit to the Minnesots State Fair was a success! We arrived at 9:30am and departed at 6:30pm. I think he is used to the idea that his parents don't sit still!

Our first stop at the fair was at the Miracle of Life Building where we saw baby cows, sheep and pigs.

Next we were off to the Dairy Barn. Cooper loved the cows. It amazes me how the animals' owners just let people touch their cows! The cows don't seem to mind and in fact, pretty much ignored us.

The Giant Slide was probably Cooper's favorite part of the day. Kevin and I each took him down it twice and that wasn't even enough! We were able to get some fun video of the sliding too!

The next ride was the Ferris Wheel. Cooper loved being up so high and seeing the people down below us. It seems he will be a rollercoaster lover like Kevin and I.

One attraction we all loved was the Great Sing-A-Long! Cooper grabs things (flashlights, brushes, etc) are home to use as a microphone so having a real one was a treat for him!

We napped.

And danced...... :)

We ate Sweet Martha's Cookies and washed it down with all we could drink milk! Perfect way to end the eating extravaganza!

Farmer Cooper kept talking about Grandpa Dougie while we were at the children's farm. We took Angelica to this a few years ago- what a great thing for kids!

Of course we "drove" all of the tractors, but only the green ones dad. :)


And on our way home Cooper decided to become a monkey.

Great day- can't wait until we get to go back next year!


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