4 weeks

We were lucky enough to see little Baby V this week, marking my 36 week of pregnancy and the countdown to meeting him or her. We found out that baby is 6lbs and measuring to the day (36 weeks 1 one day at my appointment). My doctor also said she would be surprised if I made it to my due date of December 5. I am still planning on a December baby and really am not anticipating going too far ahead of or past my due date. Cooper was two days past his due date and it that is what happens again, I guess I won't be surprised.
BUT....we are preparing as if the baby could arrive any day.  :)
We have the crib ready, bottles, newborn clothes and other items out of storage so we are ready. We have our beautiful little two year old in his big boy bed and have been talking alot to him about bringing a baby home soon. He goes back and forth on whether he thinks we should bring home a baby brother or baby sister. He's such a great little person!
When I was pregnant with Cooper it hit me how being a mom really makes me miss my mom. I think about how truly wonderful she was, not only for me and my siblings but for ALL of the children she took care of. She really loved kids. I feel lucky that I have that from her. She was happy, funny and goofy; thinking of the best ideas to keep us busy and entertained. She was energetic and young and full of life. She never slowed down, always thinking she could be doing more or doing things better.
I think often about what she would do with Cooper. How she would be running around with him, I mean literally RUNNING around with him. She was not one to sit and watch, she participated. I wonder if she would have come and stayed with us after the baby was born.
I see that some of the things I let Cooper get away with (like jumping off of the couch with my assistance) are probably because my mom let us have as much fun as we wanted as long as our fun wasn't at the expense of others.
It also makes me realize what it must have been like for her to have to think about leaving us. I know that for three of us we were "old enough" to take care of ourselves but I can't imagine how leaving her 4 year old girl must have felt. She took Angelica's picture to the doctor with her to remind them that she wasn't some old lady who could just cancer and die, she had a little girl who still needed her.
No matter our age though, we all need our moms. I've found that although a mom can't be replaced, I have a wonderful dad that gives Cooper all of the love that she would have given him. He really does think that Cooper and my nephew Alex are two of the best things that ever happened.
It will be a fun, chaotic and new adventure at our house very soon. Expect more updates as we get closer!


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