2 weeks

Parker had his 2 week check up last week and it seems I need to start stashing money away for food. So far both of our boys are over the 90% in height and weight...

Weight: 9lbs 3oz - 91%
Height: 21.25" (when he was born they were generous with his height)- 89%

He unfortunately was given an early Christmas gift from his big brother.... a cold. Luckily it has only been a stufy nose which hasn't affected his eating or sleeping. Speaking of sleep, Parker has been continuing his good sleep habits and sleeping for a few long stretchs at night. We're hoping it continues!

Cooper and Parker saw Santa recently and let him know what is on their wish lists. Cooper actually ran up to him once it was our turn in line. We feel so lucky that he has the confidence to not be unsure of himself in new situations like this.


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