It is hard to believe that in just under three weeks I will be the mother of a three year old. My Cooper is growing up faster than I can imagine, it really doesn't feel like we've already experienced three years of this little wonderful boy!

Just last night two very funny things happened. As we headed home from work and Jill's house (daycare) we stopped to get stamps to mail his birthday invitations. While in the grocery store we picked up a few things and looked at possible birthday cakes. Much to my surprise, while I was talking to the woman in the bakery, Cooper helped himself to the biggest piece of "single serve sized" roll in the entire store. It was nearly as large as his head! I noticed as he was taking a huge bite out of it saying, "This is really good mommy!"

The second memorable moment of the evening occurred as Kevin came home from work. Parker, Cooper and I were making dinner and playing cars when he walked in .We all said hello to one another and as Kevin walked up to Cooper to give him a hug Cooper asks, "How was traffic for you daddy?" They really are little sponges aren't they.

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to lately, just in case you didn't see them on Facebook :)

David and Cooper at Taylor's birthday

Cooper and Kevin feeding the fish

Mr Parker

Me and Parker at the Gopher game all bundled up


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