I'm starting to think that I could possibly be one of "those people" who make excuses for things they say they want, but seemingly cannot find the time to make it happen.
For example- I realllllllly want to spend more time working out apart from the running that I currently do. There is a wonderful studio that hosts AWESOME workouts that I've been to and would love to go back and try a few different classes. However, when it comes time for me to sign up for the class, the time commitment just seems like too much and I don't sign up. Or I feel guilty for taking the time for the class and taking it away from my family.
Then.... a few days pass and I think, "Gee, I really love working out, I wish there were a class where I could workout with like-minded women." So I repeat exactly what I did and think about signing up, contact the instructor and then talk myself out of it because I simply can't make the time work.
Is in craziness or insanity when you are doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result?!
To be fair, part of my problem is that I WANT to have my cake and eat it too. I want to workout, I want to spend more time with my boys, I want to have time to get things done at home, I want, I want, I want. Can I just have a personal assistant or something to help make this all happen?
What I need is a good dose of my own medicine. If I want this, or anything, I just need to make it happen. I can't do everything and when I realize that maybe I'll feel ok with letting somethings go.


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