My little boy is 3!

This past weekend we celebrated and celebrated and celebrated Cooper turning three. The weekend started with a family birthday at our house. It was made extra special with two Great-Grandmas being able to celebrate with us. Kevin's aunt Jean was thoughtful enough to travel to the Iron range to pick up Kevin's grandma and my dad and sister traveled from "Up North" with my grandma, who had never visited us at our home in Savage before. Both of them seemed to really enjoy their trips. With all of the partying, we didn't get to spend as much time with them as we would have liked, but are hoping to do so with the holidays approaching.
After an awesome birthday with family on Saturday, we woke up and did it all over again with Cooper's friends on Sunday! Because the weather can unpredictable the end of October (it snowed the day after Cooper was born!) we decided we couldn't rely on having outdoor space for his party and planned on having to use our house to "house" all  of our guests. For this reason we split his party into two, there was no way we could fit 60 people in our house comfortably all at one time!
For a year I knew I was going to throw a pirate themed party for Cooper and thanks to Pinterest and the fact that pirates are EVERYWHERE right now, I was able to come up with some very fun elements for the birthday boy.
None of this would have come together so nicely without the help of Jill, Mindi and Angelica! Mindi and her family stayed with us for the weekend and practically worked on party stuff from Friday night to Sunday morning when we finally let them leave.

Now on to a Halloween party on Sunday which I'm hosting with my sister in-law Delayne and then Parker's 1st birthday on December 1! Whew!

The BEST part? We can "re-live" it again and again thanks to the very talented and generous Brie Gunderson. CLICK HERE!


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