Parker's 1 Year Update

Better late than never with this...

Parker had his one-year well check earlier this month and as we have come to expect, he's above average.. at least in terms of growth :)

Weight: 32lbs
Height: 33"

If you don't have another one year-old to "compare" this too and get an idea of how big this little boy is, when you look at a growth chart of babies, Parker's height and weight are above the 100%, way above. Which means he is bigger than more than 100% of babies his age. :-)

He has two teeth on the bottom, right in the middle and is working on one on top, on his right side.  He is signing a handful of things and can say "mama", "dada", and "ut oh". He really is a smart boy- he understands most of what we say to him and seems to be frustrated that he cannot yet use words to answer us.

He is primarily walking everywhere and tries to run away from us on occassion. This is usually accompanied by lots of laughter and tipping over. All of this walking is keeping us on high alert, he rode the baby gate down the stairs not too long ago. Cooper went down the stairs twice, but he went down because he thought he knew how to walk down them.

He nearly made it his first year without an ear infection but then ended up with double ear infections back to back.  Otherwise, he has been a healthy guy.

I keep telling Parker to cool it when it comes to throwing his mini tantrums, it really is working against me ever getting a shot at having a girl! :)


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