Fargo 10k 2013

Once again this year, my childhood friend Mindi and I went out, bought cute running shoes, pants, tops, accessories and decided to run a race with them. How many years has it been Mindi; five? I plan on digging out each commemorative t-shirt we've earned and take a picture. Mindi has always run the 10k, two years ago I signed up for the 10k and walked the 5k with my sister and aunts with the excuse of being pregnant. I should add that Mindi did not know I wasn't going to be running with her until we showed up the night before and Cooper walked up to her with a Big Brother shirt on. Her reaction was priceless and totally worth it. (You have no idea how hard that was to keep from you!)

This year's run was full of fun and like so many previous years, rain. Mindi had to improvise and fashion a homemade waterproof iPhone case moments before we started the run.
Once we got going we didn't see each other until the finish- aren't I a great friend? I took off somewhere in the crowd, I can't help it. My over competitive-have to pass everyone-have to be first mentality takes over and I have no control. I am not outwardly competitive with anyone else, this is something that I keep to myself and use to motivate me to run faster, it's not about beating anyone in "real life".

A few person highlights:
1. Dancing Gagnamagna style at mile 3
2. High Fiving Elvis at mile 4
3. Avoiding being spit on at mile 5
6. Setting a new personal record of 52:35 (or something close to that)


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