I swore I'd never...

Before becoming a mom there were many things
I swore I'd never...
Let my children play in that "germ ridden" play area in fast food joints or malls
Bribe them with candy
Walk around during a meal
Buy my kids light up character shoes
Buy my kids character shirts
Give my baby a pacifier
Make more than one meal at dinner time to accommodate for picky appetites
Bring them "in public" with dirty clothes, faces, etc

There are still things on my "I will never let them" list- I'm sure I'll be eating those words at some point as well.
I thought I knew better before I actually did.


Anonymous said…
Never thought I'd bribe my child with a trip to the toy store for any toy in the place to please, please, please always potty on the potty (at age 4). Thought I was in for an expensive trip and walked out with a $30 pillow buddy and no more accidents. Was ready to spend ten times that (would have been worth it) so got off cheap and everyone was happy.

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