Rain, rain go away!

Imagine the family all cuddled up in blankets on the living room floor, flashlights in hand, curtains pulled open to see the amazing lightning show in the sky, everyone "oohing" and "awwwwing" at the streaks of light as they flash across the sky.
And then you wake up and what really happens...
Everyone is pushing the blankets away from them because it's 80 degrees in the house. The flashlights are being fought over and in the scuffle of who gets which flashlight, someone is bonked in the head with one of them. Because only two of the flashlights actually had working batteries in them (and one of those is a BuzzLight year flashlight the size of a large marker) you also need to light a few candles, which are just irresistible to a 3 year old who is continually trying to get close enough to blow them all out.  Once you finally get everyone settled in a spot just far enough away from the next person as to make sure neither little boy is within swinging distance of the other, Cooper decides he wants to sleep the other way...so all the pillows start being tossed to the opposite end of the bed on the floor. All the pillow throwing sparks an idea in Parker- Wrestle Mania Blackout 2013 live from the living room. As he tries to launch himself from one of the couches onto the pile of blankets below, Cooper wonders why HE didn't think of this earlier! Now both boys are jumping, rolling, leaping and body slamming themselves into Kevin and I as we switch back and forth from trying to pretend to sleep and not laughing out loud at this craziness.
In the end Parker ended up back in his crib while the three of us finally fell asleep on the floor. Kevin only made it until midnight and three hours later I followed to the comforts of a mattress in my own bed. A few short hours later I was awoken to "Mama?!" As Cooper beckoned me back to join him on the floor.
All in all, it was a good memory. We were able to save all of our food and gave me a great excuse to clean out the fridge. We had a fun impromptu breakfast with Kevin's parents and a fun afternoon and pizza party with the Steinhouses, plus it gave us a better appreciation for the conveniences and comforts of home. With all that said- it would be really great if we could get a stretch of more than three days of sunshine!


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