We LOVE the MN Zoo

As parents, Kevin and I have tried a lot of activities with the boys; Children's Museum, parks, libraries, events at the Mall of America- but the one place that we can't get enough of is the Minnesota Zoo! This membership has paid for itself over and over! We go to the zoo several times a month, in the colder winter months we travel the tropic trails, penguin exhibit and semi enclosed MN trail. Now that it's "warmer" (this weather is a whole other story) we hit the outdoor trails, the farm and the boys' favorite- the fountains! This week we went to the zoo sans extra clothes, I really didn't think it would be warm enough to get completely soaked, but by the time we had spent two plus hours exploring, we were all on the verge of hot and sweaty. Even without extra clothes or a towel, I told the boys to go crazy, we live such a short distance away that it wouldn't be a big deal going home a little wet. My general philosophy in parenting is that as long as no one is getting hurt, it's probably ok. "Hurt" includes physically, cognitively, nutritionally, emotionally, etc.
I did bite the bullet and purchase an over priced beach towel, we needed another one anyway and this one now has a fun memory to go with it- our first fountain run of the year.
We also took in the two special summer features, the giraffes and the dinosaur exhibit. We fed the giraffes, which I was a little disappointed with only because the woman helping with this seemed too rush it along and wasn't very cheerful. The dinosaurs were a hit with both boys. Cooper especially loved the dinosaurs that squirted us with water and Parker loved roaring back at all of them.
The Grizzly bears were particularly active while we were there! Two of the bears were taking a swim and gave us a really up close and personal experience.
Once you have a membership its a "free" day of fun. Pack a lunch and snacks to avoid the high priced and often not the healthiest food offered there. This way you get your own great food and a picnic, what kid (or adult) doesn't love a picnic?!
We didn't make it out to the farm or do any of the indoor animals this time, after three hours we were all ready to head home and take a break. We're heading back later this week if the weather cooperates, anyone want to join us?


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